A Revolution in Medical Education

No other imaging course offers a tool this powerful. The ability to simulate a real PACS so that you can practice your skills just like you would in your clinic or hospital.

Mastering Radiology is so much more than memorizing disease patterns and appropriate catheter locations. Ever tried looking at a Chest X-Ray after the placement of a line or tube and just can’t find the tip, but when you showed the case to the Radiologist he/she found it right away? The true secret to mastering image interpretation comes from the ability to use PACS well. How can you master a craft without ever touching the tools?

This is what makes iRad so special. iRad is a PACS, just like the one you might use in your clinic or hospital to review x-rays, CTs, MRIs, and Ultrasounds. The iRad platform allows you to go through cases, exactly as you would in ”real life,” practicing all the tricks and tactics of a specialty trained Radiologist (windowing, zooming, panning, localizing, etc).

After each case you receive an integrated “readout” – from a board certified Radiologist who was hand picked by Dr. Lionhart for his amazing talents in teaching. Cases also include sample dictations complete with style points to help you understand the “language” and “thinking” of a specialty trained physician.