Prometheus Lionhart, MD

Choosing to publish under a pseudonym was previously unheard-of in the realm of medical education, but thinking outside the box has been the trademark of this medical education Phenom.


Within 3 years of self-publishing his original 1000 page specialty board review series, Dr. Lionhart has become the most popular board review expert in the United States with his “Crack the CORE Exam” series used by over 90% of the Radiology specialty board applicants every year, many as their sole resource. His other texts “Crack the FRCR,” “Case Companion,” and “Radiologic Physics War Machine,” also enjoy extreme popularity within the specialty – not just in the US but Worldwide.


In 2015, Dr. Lionhart launched which showcased a 40+ hour video review series, the first of its kind. Within 2 years the review course became the most popular in the Nation being used by nearly 50% of the board certificate applicants. Dr. Lionhart’s teaching methods have become so highly regarded that numerous top medical centers (including the world-famous Johns Hopkins) have institutional subscription to the Titan Board Review Course provided for all of their Radiology Residents.


Just as the Mythological Prometheus brought the knowledge of fire to man, Dr. Lionhart has revolutionized the way people learn Radiology. Join the Revolution!