Teach Me Chest

Become a Chest X-Ray Expert!

Learn to Read Chest X-Rays with Revolutionary Teaching Methods and the Ability to Practice Your Skills.

The most comprehensive lecture series (20+ hours!) ever created. A revolutionary teaching strategy developed, written, animated, and presented by Internationally Recognized Master Educator Prometheus Lionhart, MD.

This amazing lecture series is made even more special by Titan Radiology’s proprietary iRad readout interface, which lets you practice reading X-rays on a PACS just like you would use in your clinic or hospital.

Become a Chest X-Ray Expert Today!

A Revolution in Medical Education

Master Educator Prometheus Lionhart, MD has created the most complete educational tool ever developed in the field of medical imaging. A revolution in thinking, teaching, training, and understanding. 

Real Practice with iRad

Dr. Lionhart has developed a proprietary readout interface “iRad”– designed to mimic a real PACS so that you can practice your new skills just like you would at your clinic or hospital.

The Titan Method

Over 20 hours of dedicated lectures – beautifully illustrated and animated –from the most famous Radiology Specialty Educator.

A curriculum developed specifically for the novice interpreter, with the goal of transforming you into a chest radiology expert.

Watch Teach Me Chest Now:

Watch a Titan method X-ray talk now. TitanTalks are 20-40 minute lessons in approaching specific chest x-ray topics. Titan Radiology offers the most advanced chest x-ray training available and every subscription includes access to new TitanTalks. 

Click on the video player on the right and “maximize” the video by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the video player.

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You are a freakin boss. Your books are incredible, the only thing better than your books are The Requisites (just kidding those are awful!). Please start your own residency program.

Titan Radiology User

I have failed my core twice before being introduced to Titan Radiology video series. I listened to them everywhere, while driving, on the treadmill and while strolling with my kids and guess what? They definitely helped me to pass my core and certification as well. The products were the only source for my general section study in certifying exam. I'm board certified now. So thank you very much 🙂

Titan Radiology User

THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and effort! By far the easiest videos to sit through – your sense of humor was MUCH appreciated, and helped immensely when trying to suffer through otherwise mundane material (i.e. “Non-interpretive skills”).

Become a Radiology Hero!

The Chest X-Ray is the most commonly utilized imaging test in healthcare. Master the interpretation of this potentially life saving exam and become a tremendous resource for your health care team.

These skills have never been more convenient to learn. Access this world-class lecture series from any device, any time. Access is provided through a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

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